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damn man this great and very sexy and cute as fuck dude I love this way she's "floating?" the highlights and the shadow detail is sexy ...

this image has that "why are you poking me" feel and not only that she is like "stop poking me please" but she has great detail every w...

the technique here really is what I am looking for in this man and I love Apple Bloom Bosum and the others as well but man she has on a...

hey man and welcome to another critiquing with xj16 Damoni and today I'll critique this image in honesty the image is sexy in it's own ...

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i have no points to do commisions so to those i did them for on paper drawing please send them to this widget please i love yall who comment to me amnd i'm still here ok love yall.

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Damoni Camoni : Two in one
This is what I feel everyday as a person who's Asexual and straight but I don't like guys mostly I love girls so I had to have Camoni come out from my shell body in this image you can critique it but I can't activate critique widget so just critique in comments if you want hope u love this
Wind Woman
This is a photo I took as I was on my field trip to school craft College Culinary Arts....I believe that art is at this Expertise Level that not Even I can reach but I won't stop here...I won't stop
Damoni the Tainted Mare
This is Me when I am around ignorant black people and when I was tainted by the ignorance of the world of COLORED citizens thinking they can control society when they have no respect for the white people laws and that us as the youth can't fathom the true means of pain and mercy because the parents can't respect us and their parents which makes us Youth of this generation loom like the Bad Guys from a Simple Damn Freakinh Story Book. NOTE: I AM NOT BEING RACIST I AM stating facts about what happens when we don't learn from Fantasy or reality leaning on ignorance to be our drug when its NOT its DEATH that's my drug. And well.
Damoni the Tainted Mare
This is the completed version of the picture I feel this way when I'm around ignorant black people which is my race but I'm NOT BEING RACIST. I am just stating true facts about most of my race not respecting authority of white people and their laws ... Even the parents not respecting their parents causing us to do the same thing to them and never doing the correct things in school or the house old even being abused in every way.
Damoni LustSide/Kindness
This is me when I am knid and acting ignorantly sexy to most females no matter what sexualization they are.... The real side of me is next let me know what I could've done to make this Drawing better I ask for a Critique if u can.
Mirai Nikki
This is a sort of Future Diary app from from this anime called Mirai Nikki or otherwise known as Future Diary I don't know what the freak this anime is about this app never has in the sense of you being like a stalked so I don't know what to think of it though however the app is not totally accurate it's a little sort of random that's just completely everywhere it's just random so anyway I hope you enjoyed this is amazing but you have to ask I don't know if it's going to get stinking updated or what
Sandwich Oreo Cake Suprise!!!
I got this Oreo cake along with a sandwich and my mom is the bomb guys dolls need to get this stack straight up get this automatically as soon as you get home from school no joke you're going to love this anyway hope you enjoyed my deviant and I am sorry I was not on look I had school and I was playing my Playstation 4 so anyway enjoy love you guys peace out
Pinkamena *(Harsh words but staying logical in th
I had to take a long time alone with this so it took a week then I had to use a reference so hey it's a picture of Pinkamena and my clothes walking around hearing music and and also she is being made fun of for being African-American she is me I love her and I want have sex with me
damn man this great and very sexy and cute as fuck dude I love this way she's "floating?" the highlights and the shadow detail is sexy man is that your oc character man? u look sexy as a pone dude and the cupcake floating with her is great. the cupcake looks stuffed and that's kinda cute and creepy so change that next time. her expression is like "hey bay wanna haves sex with me?" and it's like that's great this pillow cupcake will suffice. but man this is a great image overall keep it up. have great day man. see you soon. the highlights in the blush is sexy and the hair is awesome. the eyes are sexy too . and what is the cutie mark of anyway is that a butt cloud with lighting?
this image has that "why are you poking me" feel and not only that she is like "stop poking me please" but she has great detail every where such as highlights in the eyes the fur color is great fur her ha get it fur her. but enough of jokes. the highlights in her fur and the highlights in her hair ears and the piercings. the shadows in the fur and hair is excellent and beautiful. keep it up man this is great for your career and don't stop this type of style this has a light vision a middle impact technique is great and originality is awesome.
Mlp: Friendship Poster
This is my poster of my favorite show and to all the immigrate Bronies that wall is being built I'm sorry you have to leave this country but I'm black so I am not racist I hate racism fascism narcissism and homophobia
the technique here really is what I am looking for in this man and I love Apple Bloom Bosum and the others as well but man she has on a bandage around her D cup chest *that's sexy* and also they are training with johnny cage and her attack pose is spot on and the outfits the cutie marks crusaders have on is sexy to me. on them its alluring as hell man the shadow lighting is where it needs to be and the lighting on her skin is perfect for them all and I can see the hgighlights in her arms bandages figure and the torso as well . this is the most sexiest picture I've ever seen.
hai guys it's me i'm upset that my grandma died and I feel sorry for what happened to her and I feel like it should've been me instead of her every time I cry I'd feel a hand choking me man. I need some comfort  in some way i'm emotionally scared for what happened and when the day happened to come she died m family from Arkansas tried to keep her down there and I was pissed off at them for that and they never showed up to the funeral and I just 8sibs and screams* I need someone to talk to .
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I love to draw as a hobby but I want to learn more in the anime style!! Always I hear Edm. Pop. Rock. And cello violin music from time to time!! So I want to get to know more of you guys as friends and llies follow me on YouTube as well......I have autism....I have a harder life like everyone just like those who have other disabilities I useless...?




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